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Noah Staunton

Place in the Family
Second youngest of five. Two older sisters, Tania (14), Kacey (12) and brothers Dylan (6) and Ryan (3)
Music, Dancing, Baking, Painting, Taking his puppy ‘Batman’ out for walks. Playing with his brothers & sisters. Chocolate buttons!!
Loud noises, Dry and hard foods like cerial, chips and biscuits
Swimming, Dancing, Football and Walks to the shops (for Chocolate Buttons!!!)

Testimonial by Sister, Tania Staunton

Noah is 4 years old and the past 4 years has been such a roller coaster for us, but especially him.

He is the second youngest child with me being the oldest (14) followed by Kacey, his other sister (12) and then there’s Dylan (6) and Noah himself (4) and the crazy Ryan (3). Noah and Ryan are two crazy little messers when they’re together but it is nothing more than fun and love. We call them “Partners in Crime.”

Noah loves music, dancing, cooking and he especially loves helping me bake, we bake once or twice a week and he is so good at it. He knows some of the words for the ingredients and loves mixing the bowl and throwing flour all over the place but it is really fun and I can see that he really enjoys it. He also loves going to play school and seeing his wonderful teachers and his friends in his class. He knows most of their names and that has been a huge improvement this year and he really enjoys the activities, especially painting.

He has a lot of hobbies such as dancing, swimming and he loves going on walks to the shops especially if we’re going to get his chocolate buttons! He loves football and comes with my dad and brothers to my football matches, whenever there on, and either sits on the sideline screaming at me and telling me “well done” or holds my water bottle and asks am I ok when I come off and I love him for being that caring to me, it is really special.

Noah is caring, ambitious, loving, adventurous, and is really someone who really loves you. He has a good heart and is always polite to anyone he meets. Noah has improved so much over the year and still is progressing now and I think this has been a result of him going to play school and socializing with his friends, teachers and doctors. He is also starting to be toilet trained. His speech has been his biggest improvement and we are very lucky with how he is progressing and how he is coping with things a lot easier now, compared to when he was a baby.

We have faced a lot of challenges with Noah but somehow he has always faced them and gotten over them but one of his biggest challenges would be his speech. We know that he understands the words and what we’re saying – it’s just the speaking part and using his voice, he can sometimes struggle with. He is good with most words and myself and my family are able to understand what he is saying but yeah, we would love his speech to come on just a little bit and I think it would help him alto more and make him less frustrated. My sister Kacey and I play teachers with him and Kacey helps with his words and she loves doing messy play with Noah and Ryan. Dylan is someone Noah looks up to when he’s out playing and he loves to interact with Dylan’s older friends and I think it is really good for him.

The Down Syndrome Centre has really helped Noah with his personality and he really enjoys doing the photoshoot for 21 Faces but they have also helped Noah with his speech and development and are able to help us as a family by giving us a guide and the advice we need to show us what’s best for Noah and they have provided the facilities we need and have helped a huge amount and we are very grateful for that.

And that is my testimonial on my little crazy brother Noah, thank you!

Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

Noah joined speech therapy in the past year and has made fantastic progress. He loves to play games and do puzzles and keeps me on my toes in therapy sessions. He is full of energy and enthusiasm when he attends sessions but does not always want to attend to tasks. He much prefers to play games!! Noah adores his siblings and he loves to show off his language skills more when they attend sessions. I am delighted to have the pleasure of knowing him the past year.

Noah Staunton

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Noah Staunton

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Noah Staunton

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