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Noah Staunton

Place in the Family
Second youngest of 5. Two older sisters, Tania (12), Kacey (10) One older brother, Dylan (4) & one younger brother, Ryan (1)
Dancing!! Singing & Climbing. He also loves playing with his brothers & sisters
Cold foods and cold days

Testimonial by Mum & Dad, Paulette & Karl Staunton

Noah is the most loveable kid ever! The love that Noah gives you is like no other, you can see it in his face and when he hugs you so tight.

Noah attends the SKIP class in the centre with Ed and when we pull up to the centre you can see him sign the word “Friends” which is lovely to see from him.

Noah loves to play with his brothers and sisters. His favourite things are football and water games. He enjoys drawing and signing with his sisters. He loves to dance and play “peek-a-boo” but most of all he loves hugs and kisses!

Noah doesn’t like cold foods and cold days. He dislikes dry foods like cereals and biscuits but loves moist foods or foods with sauce. He loves being included in everything. He plays football with his dad and helps to feed “Mini” the family’s pet rabbit.

Noah’s dad lets him go mad in the bath, he loves splashing water everywhere! He loves to help his dad with cooking. Noah is a very happy and sensitive child with love to give to all. He enjoys running his mam ragged but mam wouldn’t have it any other way.

Noah is the glue that holds us all together. We are better people for knowing him. He is the light in our eyes. He’s our superhero who amazes all who meet him.

We would like to thank you Noah for being in our lives, we are grateful for all you teach us and for the pleasure of knowing you.

Noah would like to thank his siblings for having patience and compassion and for all their time & effort to help him every day.

Thank you.

Testimonial by Ed Deegan, SKIP Therapist

From the moment Noah came to SKIP, it was clear that he was a little adventurer. With his sunny disposition he brings a lovely energy to each session. Noah loves playing with his classmates and is always eager to share toys and all this at the age of 2! I look forward to seeing what fun Noah will bring to the group next semester.


Noah Staunton

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Noah Staunton

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Noah Staunton

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