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Simon Smyth

Place in the Family
Simon is the oldest and has a new baby sister Georgina who is 4 months old
Mr Tumble, The Tweenies, Swings and Slides, Music and Dancing
Cake (believe it or not!), Challenging tasks i.e. jigsaw puzzles
Swimming, Team 21 Tots, SKIP in The Down Syndrome Centre

Testimonial by Rebecca Sweeney Smyth

Simon is a little boy with a big personality! He’s sociable, fun loving and full of mischief. Simon fills our lives with love and joy on a daily basis and continues to amaze is with his achievements. He has already reached many of his milestones, he is confidently walking, using many Lámh signs and loves to use his first words “bye” and “cheese”. He’s always watch for an opportunity to pose for a picture and shout “cheese”!!

Simon’s development has progressed enormously both socially and physically since he began SKIP in The Down Syndrome Centre in October 2014. He thoroughly enjoys his time with Dani and his peers each week. The Down Syndrome Centre is an invaluable resource for not only Simon but our whole family, we’d be lost without it.

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

From baby to an active toddler, Simon with his fun loving personality always keeps me on my toes!! It’s amazing how much Simon has improved in the past few months and has developed a great sense of observation. He now sits still for the whole circle time waiting patiently for his turn!!! Simon loves music and is in his element when we get the box of musical instruments, he’s very good on his feet and PE is one of his favourite parts of the class!! His beautiful smile will surely open a lot of doors for him in the future!!


Simon Smyth

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Simon Smyth

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Simon Smyth

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