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Simon Smyth

Place in the Family
Simon is the oldest and has one sister Georgina (2)
Being outdoors, Going to the Playground, Being knee-high in puddles, Building sandcastles and Paw Patrol
Boats and Sailing, Sweets, Chocolate and Cake (weirdly enough!)
Football and Gymnastics

Testimonial by Aunty, Alison Sweeney

My Nephew Simon is a fun filled and determined young boy.

Since the previous ’21 Faces campaign’, 12 months ago; Simon has further developed his communication, gross & fine motor and social skills. Simon’s curious and friendly demeanour allows him to make friends wherever he goes and to say he has his own fan club is truly an understatement!

The ‘Down Syndrome Centre’ which Simon has attended since its inception in 2013 continues to be a fantastic resource to Simon and his family. Here, Simon has the opportunity to meet his peers and therapists in a comfortable learning environment and the Special Kids Intervention Programme (SKIP) has encouraged Simon to reach his learning goals and prepare him for school which he will start this autumn.

Simon loves to play football and any chance he gets he will challenge his Aunty and anyone else to a game.

It’s fair to say Simon is his happiest when outdoors. Like any other 5 year old he loves all things playground related; swings, slides, see-saws and everything in-between. Simon loves getting outdoors, especially when he visits his grandparents in Donegal. He prefers nothing more than being knee high in puddles and muck or building sandcastles at the local beaches.

‘Paw Patrol’ is Simons preferred cartoon and has pushed Mr tumble to the sideline. Simon is always interested in new games, ideas or people and true to his determined character he will always give something new a try.

Without fail, Simon always brings a smile to my face and he has an innate ability to make dull moments shine bright.

I am certain he has a similar effect on those he meets along the way. Simon’s mischievous and playful character endears him to everyone he meets. I have no doubt that Simon will continue to surpass all our expectations in the coming year and ‘The Down Syndrome Centre’ will continue to support him as he approaches another huge milestone in his life.

Testimonial by Ellie Forsyth, Occupational Therapist

Simon has attended regular occupational therapy to prepare him for starting big school this year. He is making strides in terms of his independence skills such as tooth-brushing, drinking from an open cup and toileting. Simon sometimes has a nap on his drive to the centre, often coming in with a sleepy head, however this is short lived! His enthusiasm and determination is infectious and I have so much fun working with him, and have the pleasure to be a part of his journey.

Simon Smyth

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Simon Smyth

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Simon Smyth

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