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Simon Smyth

Place in the Family
Simon is the eldest in our family and has one sister Georgina who is 1
Football, Swings, Slides, Generally being outdoors, Mr Tumble & Postman Pat
Chocolate and cake!! Believe it or not!
Football, Attending SKIP in The Down Syndrome Centre, Team 21 Tots

Testimonial by Sandra Jordan (Simon’s Childminder since he was 3 months old)

Super Simon!

Simon is a great little man who I’ve had the pleasure of minding for the past 4 years. His giddy mischievous personality has developed over the years bringing myself, his mam and dad such joy. I have been lucky enough to witness most of his major milestones and he continues to surprise me daily with new things he’s learned.

Since last year’s 21 Faces Simon has started to make great efforts with his speech through Montessori and also from all the extra support he gets from The Down Syndrome Centre. Simon has thrived with the help of DSC, attending SKIP has really brought on his development and has encouraged positive social skills.

He loves his school and all his friends there. Simon’s fine motor skills have also progressed hugely in the last year with the help of Ellie his Occupational Therapist in DSC.

Simon has recently started playing football and seems to have a talent for it already. Simon loves being outside, his favourite thing to do is swinging on his tummy on the swings. He also builds big towers with Lego to of course knock them over. He loves to run about and plays “trolls” with the other kids.

Watching Simon grow up to be a kind happy little guy has been a privilege. He is a credit to his Mam and Dad.


Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Simon has matured so much in the past year!! He’s much more attentive and interested and he’s been working so hard!! All without losing his charm with his beautiful broad smile and fun personality!!! It’s been such an absolute pleasure having him in SKIP for the past 3 years! Simon and his pals are graduating from SKIP this summer and I’ll miss him with all my heart. Keep up the good work little boy I’m sure your path will be a beautiful one!

Simon Smyth

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Simon Smyth

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Simon Smyth

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