Awareness Campaigns

Here at The Down Syndrome Centre, we want to show the world just how amazing children with Down syndrome are and one of the ways we do this is through our Awareness Campaigns.

I Could Be

‘I Could Be’ is about supporting a brighter future for people with Down syndrome. The campaign aims to promote the message that while people with Down syndrome need additional supports, they have innate potential, skills, talents and unique perspectives to bring to society and to a chosen profession.

Mission 21

Children with Down syndrome face and overcome many challenges on a daily basis. Our Mission 21 Campaign features 21 Irish celebrities who highlight these challenges in a short video and explain the absolute necessity of therapies such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy in order to give a child with Down syndrome the right support to learn, develop, flourish and overcome these challenges.

21 Faces

Our ongoing campaign – 21 Faces – which is now going into it’s third year, features 21 fantastic children who use the services here at The Down Syndrome Centre. This campaign celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of children with Down syndrome, it champions their potential and gives an insight into their lives, their achievements, their challenges and their personalities. 21 Faces is about inviting the viewer to look past Down syndrome and to see the child and their potential – to take a second look!

Same as our Siblings

Same as our Siblings aims to show that children with Down syndrome are the same as all children. They have the same likes, dislikes and hobbies as their siblings and their friends. It aims to breakdown stereotypes, promote inclusion and celebrate all level of abilities and it focuses on the very close and sweet relationship between siblings.

We believe that every child with Down syndrome should have the opportunity and the right to reach their full potential and live as independent and fulfilling lives as possible. We hope our campaigns really help to promote inclusion, acceptance and an understanding that having Down syndrome is just a part of a person, it does not define them. With this in mind and with the right inputs in place we believe that children with Down syndrome have a real chance to thrive in this world.