The Down Syndrome Centre was founded by Peter Gaw and his wife, Mary as a result of their frustration at not being able to access relevant services for their two youngest children, both of whom have Down syndrome.

Our charity has been around for a few years and, in October 2014, we opened the doors to Ireland’s first services-led centre for children with Down syndrome and their families.


Our main function is to provide vital services to children with Down syndrome aged 18 and under.

We also have a huge focus on families. The centre is a place for parents to meet, get information and advice, make friends, build support networks and communities.

We have created several Awareness Campaigns that promote inclusion, acceptance and an understanding that having Down syndrome is just a part of a person, it does not define them.

We’d recommend checking out our Facebook page where we have built a group of over 80,000 followers. The Facebook page echoes our organisation’s positivity and pro-active approach to helping our service-users.

The Down Syndrome Centre receives no government support. As a direct result, all of our initiatives are dependent on goodwill and gifts from our supporters, corporate bodies and the public at large.

Take a look at what happens in our centre by checking out our video!