Blaise Coates, age 6

“Blaise is full of life with the best smile in the world. He is very loving and caring and great fun. He is also fiercely stubborn. Blaise started school in September and has absolutely thrived in the mainstream environment. He is very popular in his class, year and school. He loves to high five anyone he passes on the way to school. He loves to run, try different sports and painting. And he absolutely loves the social aspect of school, he has made many friends. Blaise is certainly not camera shy and he loves to be on either side of the lens. He has a definite interest in photography and we’ll do all we can to help encourage and grow this interest.” Mum, Sinead Beggan

Blaise’s Visit to the Gallery of Photography

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What Blaise’s Mum had to say..

“We had an amazing site visit with Darragh at the Gallery of Photography, everybody was so welcoming and kind. Blaise was very lucky to get a full tour of the Gallery and what he enjoyed most – he actually got to take photos and go through the whole developing process in the dark room.”

What the Gallery of Photography had to say…

“It was a pleasure to meet with Blaise and his Mum, Sinead, we had fun discovering the magic of photogram making and exploring the Gallery together. Blaise got stuck in to print making straight away as he built up a little gallery of images. He’s one cool dude and we look forward to seeing him again. Delighted to be involved in the campaign – thank you for the invitation.” Darragh Shanahan, Gallery of Photography

Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Gallery of Photography for supporting our ‘I Could Be’ campaign and providing a full on photography workshop for Blaise.

Oliver Hellowell is a Photographer in the UK, click here for his story