Caroline McGee, age 14

“Caroline is a girl who loves fun and a good laugh. She has two older sisters so I think it makes her more mature in some ways . She can be very independent wants to do everything herself. She has a very active week, social clubs, basketball, swimming, tennis and drama. She helps around the house, making cups of tea, sandwiches, heating up her pancake in the microwave, making scrambled egg and omelettes, she loves cutting up ham and cheese and making salad. I think her favourite activity is going to the shops and having coffee.” Mum, Catherine Creavin

Caroline’s Visit to Starbucks

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What Caroline’s Mum had to say…

“When we arrived we met Linda the Divisonal Manager. She was so warm and welcoming to Caroline and I. Caroline was all action, she got a Starbucks apron with a name badge like the staff. She went behind the counter immediately and met a lovely girl called Chloe, who showed her around. I ordered a Skinny Latte One Shot and Caroline wrote my name on a cup and made it with Chloe. She then made a Strawberry Frappuccino and a big Baby Chino for herself. Linda asked Caroline which she preferred and Caroline immediately said” Strawberry Frappuccino , I love it”. The team presented Caroline with a lovely gift set from Starbucks and she was thrilled. I Think Caroline had a great experience and enjoyed the visit.”

Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to Linda, Sinead and all of the team in Starbucks Crampton Quay for giving Caroline a fantastic hands on experience and for supporting our campaign.

Tim Harris ran his own restaurant called ‘Tim’s Place’, you can see more about Tim here