Isabelle Moloney, age 7

“Isabelle is 7 years old, she currently attends Johnstown Girls School and is in Senior Infants. Her hobbies include swimming and ballet dancing and she loves putting on little shows for us in house. She is interested in all activities that she has been introduced to and is a little character. One of her favourite past times is role playing a dancer or a nurse and likes to dress up for role she is playing. Her character is very friendly and loves to socialize with other kids and has a tendency to take on the mother role.” Mum, Susan Moloney

Isabelle’s Visit to Safari Childcare Kilmainham

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What Safari Kilmainham had to say…

“Thank you for involving Safari Kilmainham in your ‘I Could Be’ campaign. It was a pleasure having Isabelle visit us and we look forward to being involved in the future.” Tanya Clifford, Manager of Safari Childcare Kilmainham


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Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to Tanya and all of the team in Safari Childcare Kilmainham for supporting our ‘I Could Be’ campaign and for being so welcoming to Isabelle and her family.

Noelia Garella is the first Pre-School Teacher in Argentina with Down syndrome, you can read about her here