Kyle McLaughlin, age 7

“Kyle is seven years old and is in Senior Infants. He is a happy, outgoing, adventurous boy who makes us laugh every day. Kyle loves being outside kicking a football, going on his scooter or jumping on his trampoline with his siblings, Ella and Kody. He especially loves his art and craft box and could spend a long time scribbling, drawing, cutting, sticking or painting.

Last year Kyle joined the Special Olympics Young Athletes club in Donabate which he loves attending every week with his friends. He continues to play soccer with Team 21 Tigers and has a strong left foot. Kyle also loves going horse-riding, Barney is his favourite horse. Kyle loves being busy!”

Kyle’s Visit to the National Gallery of Ireland

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Art Workshop at NGI

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What Kyle’s Dad had to say..

“This was Kyle’s very first visit to the National Gallery. He thoroughly enjoyed walking (and running at times!) around the amazing space of the gallery. Kyle loved having Emeir from the NGI guiding us through the different collections. He enjoyed giving Emeir his opinion on the different pictures! At the end of the tour Kyle got a chance to become an artist himself in the ‘Creative Space’, he quickly got stuck into drawing quite a few pictures. The best part was when Kyle got to hang his own creation on the wall of the Creative Space gallery. An artist in the making!”

What the National Gallery of Ireland had to say…

“It was wonderful to have Kyle visit the Gallery with his family. Our aim is to make art accessible, enjoyable and inspiring for everyone who walks through our doors, and having the opportunity to show Kyle our collection, as well as work with him and his friends on a practical art project, has been a huge amount of fun for us. For all of these reasons, the Gallery is thrilled to be supporting the ‘I Could Be’ campaign.” Brina Casey, National Gallery of Ireland

Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to Brina and everyone in the National Gallery of Ireland for their tremendous support and for hosting a special art project for Kyle and his friends on World Down Syndrome Day.

Christian Royal and Michael Wasserman are just two very talented artists with Down syndrome, you can read about them here