Lauren Newman, age 7

“Lauren is 7 years of age and she has been dancing away at ballet with the other little ladies with Rebecca (of Dublin City Ballet School) at The Down Syndrome Centre the past few months and loves it!”

Lauren’s Visit to Dance Ireland

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What Dance Ireland had to say…

“We, in Dance Ireland, were delighted to have Lauren in with us visiting with Ballet Ireland in our DanceHouse studios. The ballet dancers really enjoyed having her in to watch morning class and their rehearsal. They don’t often have visitors so having Lauren in was a treat for them as well – especially when they received a joyous reaction from Lauren watching all they were doing!” Jeanette Keane, Dance Ireland

What Lauren’s Mum had to say…

“The morning we spent in Dance Ireland was lovely. Lauren got to meet the dancers in Ballet Ireland and it was great to be up and personal with them all…. I think we all enjoyed it not just Lauren. To see the ballerinas up so close and the work and effort they put in was amazing. We got to watch both traditional dance and contemporary. Lauren is now practicing her pirouettes!”

Lauren in action

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What Dublin City Ballet School had to say…

“Lauren is a pleasure to have in our ballet class, she works very hard and her progress has been wonderful”

“I dance 2 Live, I dance 2 Breath, I dance 2 be Free, I dance to be Me” Rebecca O’Brien Taylor, Dublin City Ballet School, Free 2 Be Me Dance

Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jeanette and everyone in Dance Ireland for supporting our ‘I Could Be’ campaign and hosting a lovely visit for Lauren.

We would also like to thank Rebecca in Dublin City Ballet School for all her support.

Kate Higgins is a Zumba Teacher in the UK and Ayelén Barreiro is an Argentinian Dancer, you can read about them here