Leah Murray, age 8

“Leah is a very independent lovable and very funny little girl. She loves school, gymnastics and music and sign lanuage choir. She surprises me everyday at what she achieves. She makes such an impression with everyone. She loves dressing up in costumes and playing a role. Her chef, Mary Poppins, vet and doctor set is her favourite!” Mum, Lynda Murray

Leah’s Visit to Dublin Castle

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What Leah’s Mum had to say….

“We had an amazing day. Dublin castle was really great. They made our day so special and Leah loved being a VIP on the tour. Evelyn our Tour Guide made her feel so important and Leah was a Tour Guide too! She loved it! Thank you to all of the staff at Dublin Castle. We had a super day!” Mum, Lynda Murray

What Dublin Castle had to say…

“We were delighted to welcome Leah to Dublin Castle. She was great on the tour and we think she will be a fantastic tour guide.” Elizabeth Willms, Dublin Castle Tours

Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to Elizabeth, Evelyn and all of the Tour Guide team at Dublin Castle for supporting our ‘I Could Be’ campaign and making Leah’s visit so memorable.