Ruthanne Gallagher, age 11

“Ruthanne plays ‘special’ Hockey in Railway Union HC and went to Barcelona Summer 2018 to play for Ireland in The European Para Hockey Games.It was a fab experience for all. She goes to main stream school and absolutely loves it. She has great friends who really include her and accept her so well. She scoots to school everyday accompanied by her adored Freddi, our dog. Ruthanne also swims 3 times per week in different pools , one of which is a new Special Olympics Group every Monday evening with many of her friends with Down Syndrome.” Mum, Anne O’Byrne


Ruthanne’s Visit to Leinster House

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What Ruthanne’s Mum had to say…

“Ruthanne really enjoyed her visit to Leinster House, starting off a little shy but Simon Coveney was fantastic and it was very obvious that he had kids himself of that age and understood them. He had an awareness and sensitivity of Ruthie also. We met Daniel who has Down syndrome and works there, he was amazing and independent. Ruthie really liked meeting him.”


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Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone in Leinster House for facilitating a fantastic visit for Ruthanne and her family and for supporting our I Could Be campaign.

Angela Bachiller is an elected Councilor in Spain, click here for her story