What Is An Assessment Of Need

Under the Disability Act 2005, an Assessment of Need is an assessment of the full range of your child’s needs associated with their disability. Under the Act, all eligible children have a right to an assessment of their health and educational needs arising from their disability.

Assessments are carried out regardless of the cost or availability of services and are carried out in line with HIQA standards.

Is My Child Eligible?

All children with Down syndrome born after the 1st June 2002 are eligible to apply

Where Do I Apply?

Assessment of Need application form is available to download from www.hse.ie or by calling into your local Health Centre

Who Will Carry Out The Assessment?

The Assessment Officer will determine who will carry out the required assessments. Assessments can be carried out by HSE clinical staff and clinical staff from Disability Service Providers.

If the assessment highlights an educational need, the Assessment Officer will refer onto the Special Education Needs Organiser (SENO) for that area.

The SENO will then give a formal response to the Assessment Officer regarding this

How Long Will It Take?

The assessment must start within 3 months from when the completed application is received by the Assessment Officer. The assessments must be completed within a further 3 months from the date on which the assessment commenced.

Upon completion, the Assessment Officer will issue an Assessment Report detailing your child’s needs and the services required to meet these needs.

What Happens Next?

The Assessment Report is forwarded to the Liaison Officer / Case Manager who will issue a Service Statement. The Service Statement will detail what available services / intervention your child will receive in relation to their assessed needs. The Service Statement will be issued 1 month from the date the Assessment Report was issued.

Assessments Officers

  • Wicklow – Mary Noctor Tel: 0404 60720
  • Dublin South / South East – Caroline Kane Tel: 01 268 0458
  • Dublin West – Elaine Boyce Ph: 076 695 5832
  • Dublin South City / Dublin West – Yvonne Browne Ph: 076 695 5739
  • Dublin South West – Nicola Jones Ph: 01 468 6200
  • Kildare / West Wicklow – Mark Jefferies Ph: 045 907 985
  • Dublin North – Louise Moloney Ph: 01 816 0393
  • Dublin North West – Miriam McIvor Ph: 01 827 6816
  • Dublin North Central – Shona Rusk Ph: 01 846 7000

For additional information or assistance please contact The Down Syndrome Centre’s Client Services Manager, Claire Brady on (01) 661 8000 or claireb@downsyndromecentre.ie

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