Do a Skydive for The Down Syndrome Centre!

Are you ready for the ultimate thrill?!What about the thrill of jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft?!

If you’re mad enough and wonderful enough to take part in a jump you must raise at least €500, €250 will cover your jump, and the balance raised will come straight to The Down Syndrome Centre!

So get those sponsorship cards at the ready, take a deep breath for bravery, challenge your nearest and dearest to join you, and SIGN UP TODAY! Why not make a weekend of it with your family, teammates or workmates!


To register call Sky Dive Ireland, our sky dive partners, on 1850 940 222, and tell them you want to jump for us or call Emma in our office on (01) 661 8000.

Thank you!

“I’m ALIVE and – more shockingly – I absolutely loved it !!”

Jackie Carlile after doing her skydive for our centre.

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