Baby Massage

Available: 5 week virtual course commencing Wednesday July 1st (including following 4 Wednesdays, once a week) via Zoom

Course Instructor: Bridget Grimes, fully qualified baby massage instructor

Course Details: Please note, there is no cost for this virtual workshop. Massage courses will be held in real time with Bridget and a small group of parents and babies. This can be a great way to meet other parents who’s children are in a similar growth stage!

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What is Baby Massage?

Baby Massage is a very special art of using nurturing touch through a specifically designed series of strokes. These strokes combine Indian and Swedish massage, reflexology, and some gentle yoga stretches.

Like previous years, the workshops will provide a range of activities that are both highly recreational and therapeutic based helping develop social, play and motor skills. Also, focusing on the specific occupational therapy and speech and language therapy goals.

These strokes are demonstrated on a doll, while parents massage their babies during the class.

You can download our Baby Massage Leaflet here:  DSC Baby Massage Leaflet

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