Crazy World cover by Triona’s Tots for World Down Syndrome Day 2021
Mar 9, 2021 by

Team 21 Tots are delighted to introduce our new music video to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st. Considering the year we have all experienced, our featured song “ Crazy World” by Aslan seems to sum it up perfectly. We were thrilled to get the green light from Aslan to use their iconic and much loved song!

“How can I protect you in this crazy world”  is a sentiment we all know too well, but never more than this year. Our 40 families have all endured an extremely tough year in Covid lockdown. We have all strived to ensure our children were firstly protected and kept safe from the virus but the reality of missing out on vital services such as speech and language, physio therapy, occupational therapy and school was certainly an additional challenge. We know it has been a hard year trying to ensure our kids are still reaching their potential but for the most part our children have continued to astound us and have held their own and as you can see they are all in great form singing, signing and dancing away.

We know everyone of you have all done a great job this year protecting them during the craziest of years , we have seen your silent struggles and we applaud you . Please share this video to help us spread positivity and joy in time for World Down Syndrome Day.

Love, Tríona