Donor Charter


This is to confirm that The Down Syndrome Centre (CHY 15750) complies to the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising, when seeking donations from the general public.


Our pledge is to treat all our donors with respect, honesty and openness.


To ensure your full confidence in The Down Syndrome Centre we commit to our donors and prospective donors the following:


  • The DSC will utilise all donations effectively to the mission and goals of the charity.
  • We will inform donors of our Mission, Goals, Vision, ethos and values.
  • We will promote the identity of our board members and confirm their commitment to governing the responsibilities of the charity at all times.
  • The DSC commits to being accountable and transparent in respect of all donations, and prospective donations.
  • All donations will be handled with respect and confidentiality to the extent provided by law.
  • There is an accessible platform for making and responding to complaints and feedback.
  • The DSC will provide prompt, truthful and forthright answers to questions you might have of the organisation
  • The DSC will provide access to the most recent financial statements.
  • They will be informed whether those seeking donations are employees, volunteers or third party agencies.
  • We provide the opportunity for any names to be removed from mailing lists and to be informed if the organisation intends to share its mailing list with third parties.
  • Donors will receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition.
  • All relationships with individuals representing the charity will be dealt with professionally.