DSC Fundraising Pack
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Supporters’ Fundraising Pack



First of all, thank you for your interest in fundraising for us at the Down Syndrome Centre, we receive no government funding and rely solely on donations and the generosity of the public with their time and effort; your help is invaluable!


There are lots of different ways for you to get involved in raising funds, you can:

  1. Register to take part in one of our advertised events, such as a skydive, or marathon.
  2. Donate to us, or sponsor a friend taking part in an event for us.
  3. Ask your local schools, colleges, clubs or pubs to take part in one of our events or even to organise one of their own like a rafe or mad hair day!
  4. Organise your own event



Organising your own event


Organising your own event is a fantastic experience, one where you can have a lot of fun, meet new people, learn new skills and make a real difference to families supported by the Down Syndrome Centre! Remember the word FUN is in FUNDRAISING!

If you have an idea, fantastic! Give us a call on (01) 6618000 and we’ll be able to talk it through with you, and take you through the next steps. If you’d love to plan an event but need help with a few suggestions, have a look at our list of fundraising ideas at www.downsyndromecentre.ie to get those creative juices owing. Once you have decided upon what sort of event you would like to organise, get in touch with us on the number above or at info@downsyndromecentre.ie and we will take your details and forward out the relevant marketing material you require like T-shirts, sponsorship cards or posters to get you started.

Next, to help you to plan your event, have a look at our on www.downsyndromecentre.ie/support-fundraise/organise-your-own-event/ideas/



 Things to keep in mind:




As you start to think about planning your event it’s really important to keep your budget in mind: A good start is to think about how much money you are aiming to raise. As a guide, we suggest that no more that 50% of the total funds raised should be spent on production costs.

As this is a charity event, the lower the budget the better! You will nd that local individuals and businesses are very generous in providing their expertise and products, and this can be a great way to keep costs at a minimum. Try and get everything donated or sponsored, and remember, we are currently living in an economy where we can negotiate rates and prices.



Spreading the Word


Advertising your event makes a huge difference to the fundraising total, and increases the anticipation and excitement surrounding the day. The more people that know about it, the more people can get involved, and the more fun can be had!


We would suggest that you look at promoting on local notice boards, newsletters, websites, Facebook, Twitter and simple word-of-mouth, all of these will help to make the event a success. If you are intending to promote in the local papers you can contact us in the ofce where we can give you guidelines on how to send a press release. If promoting on the radio we can provide a few lines on the Charity that you may nd helpful to use during conversation.


Promotional Items


 You may wish to produce promotional items to help to advertise your event. Posters are a great start, but please make sure to get in touch with the fundraising team to gain permission before adding the Down Syndrome Centre logo to your design, we’ll also be able to help you to put together all the information you’ll need to share with people about the charity. Should you need them, we can provide you with: T-shirts, Sponsorship Cards, Posters, Collection Buckets, Wristbands and Keyrings.





If you are planning on holding your event in a public place you may need to get a permit from your local Garda station to do so, it’s best to check this in advance.



Dos and Don’ts


DO ensure that all necessary Insurances are in place throughout the event, and that the Down Syndrome Centre is indemnied against any claims of any kind or nature arising out of or in any way related to the event.

  • DO make sure all relevant permits have been obtained from the local Garda Station.
  • DON’T open a bank account in The Down Syndrome Centre’s name for the purpose of the event or attempt to endorse or negotiate any cheques made payable to The Down Syndrome Centre.
  • DO call us if you would like to hold a cheque presentation and we will do our very best to organise someone from The Down Syndrome Centre to attend.


Finally Thank You for helping us to continue to provide a centre where children with Down syndrome can thrive!