What you should know

21 x 21 is the first of its kind, and we are delighted to launch this virtual event to help right in 2020! There are a few different ways to complete this 21 Half Marathon Challenge, we’ve outlined them for you below…

How Many Kilometers am I running??

For the bright and brave, we’re challenging people to run 21 Half Marathons, for a grand total of 441KMS in the year 2020. We think it can be done. In fact we know it can be done, and you CAN do it!

Okay, but do I have to run Half Marathons??

Have a look at our outlined list of available half-marathons in Ireland year-round here to use as a guideline for what’s available! There are lots of races around Ireland throughout the year though, so pick and choose your favourites. We don’t mind!

For those less inclined to enter a traditional race. Rest assured there’s room for everyone! We welcome any participants who would like to run or walk ‘virtually’ clocking their kilometers through their favourite fitness app or watch. Just keep track of your distance, and make sure you fit the final target of 441km!

How will I keep track and let my friends know?

Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! Just contact our fundraising team at madeline@downsyndromecentre.ie for all the social media #hashtags you need, along with our Facebook Group to connect with others just like you who are crazy enough to join our team!

We will be in contact with you throughout the year with tips and suggestions for fundraising and participation. Don’t forget the free merch that comes with signing up! All participants will receive bespoke charity gear to let the world know how amazing they are, and everyone who completes the 441km wins a special finishers prize!

Okay, I’m Convinced. So what’s next?

Connect with our team, and let us know how great you are! We want to be there for you every step of the way. We’ll get you set up with an online fundraising page, and will send out a bespoke supporters pack send you running in style.

Email us at madeline@downsyndromecentre.ie or give us a call at 01-661-8000 to get started and become a champion for our little superstars!

We will be honouring different champions along the way, so share the love and let’s do this thing!