Corporate Partnerships


Corporate Partnerships

At the Down Syndrome Centre we love working with companies and corporates and there are so many ways that we can work together!


Choose the Down Syndrome Centre as your Charity Partner of the Year and we will provide guidance and advice on all of your fundraising initiatives. Many of our fundraising events are based around the number 21 – which represents Trisomy 21, the medical term for the most common form of Down syndrome.


If you would like to learn more about how we can work together please contact our Fundraising Manager Emma 01-6618000 or


About The Down Syndrome Centre


The Down Syndrome Centre was founded by parents, Peter and Mary Gaw as a result of their frustration at not being able to access relevant services for their two youngest children, both of whom have Down syndrome.


The mission of The Down Syndrome Centre is to provide services and supports to enable children with Down syndrome to thrive, to reach their full potential and to participate in and contribute to their communities and wider society.


We opened in 2014 and now provide services to over 200 children per week aged from birth to 18. Services include a wide range of therapies, workshops and camps and are accessible to children all over Ireland.


We also have a huge focus on the families – the centre is a place for parents to meet, get information and advice, make friends, build support networks and communities.


In addition, we have created several awareness campaigns that promote inclusion, acceptance and an understanding that having Down syndrome is just a part of a person, it does not define them.


100% of our funding comes through fundraising.