Become a Corporate Partner with DSC

Become a Corporate Partner with The Down Syndrome Centre

Companies engage with The Down Syndrome Centre in many different ways; from making donations, to offering goods and services, sponsoring events and campaigns, to facilitating staff fundraising events.

But one thing is common to all our corporate partners; when they see the incredibly positive impact their company can have on children who use our services at the Down Syndrome Centre and the support that we provide to their families they want to help in anyway they can!

Whether your aim is to boost employee morale, build positive associations for your brand or to increase exposure, in the end what makes partnering with us so worthwhile is knowing you are helping our little stars to thrive.

There are many ways we can work together and we are here to help.

At The Down Syndrome Centre we promote positivity, inclusion and diversity and we celebrate all level of abilities. We strive to create and shape a brighter future for children with Down syndrome by providing essential educational, independence and social building blocks – which will help the children to develop skills that will enable them to participate fully and feel included in society.

By becoming our Corporate Partner you can help make this future a reality

To have a chat with us about how a partnership with our charity could be mutually beneficial please contact Emma on (01) 661 8000 /

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