Lip Sync for DSC

With no Christmas party to look forward to with our colleagues this year, we wanted to give our supporters an alternative. Lip Sync for DSC asks companies to show off their lip syncing talents while raising funds to support our work with children and young people with Down syndrome. This all-virtual event can be hosted at any time, all you need are some willing contestants!

Set up your Lip Sync event on Just Giving here, and encourage your colleagues to take part! 

Contestants record their lip sync in the comfort of their own homes and send on the videos for upload to their Lip Sync fundraising page. They choose a song, and record a 90-second lip sync, they can dress up, have props, and even recruit their family members as back-up dancers! 

Host a Lip Sync Zoom on the evening of your choice, maybe a night when you had planned a Christmas get-together. Broadcast each video via screen share and have each participant tell the audience why they chose their song and why people should vote for them. Vote for your favourite video by donating to their page, set yourself a deadline for voting and the highest fundraiser wins the Lip Sync crown!

The Down Syndrome Centre needs to raise €45,000 by Christmas, and your company could be the ones to help us reach that goal! Sign up now at