Challenge 21


Challenge 21 2018



Are you Ready?

2 Days and counting until we give it all we have got for Challenge 21 2018! Thank you for joining our Challenge 21 team, and helping us raise €75,000 to support the services here at the Down Syndrome Centre. Your bespoke Challenge 21 T-Shirts have arrived and we are sending them out this week, so keep an eye out for the postman and get those runners ready!

Details for the Day – Sunday September 16th 2018

Our walk starts at the Booterstown DART Station (here) and ends at the Bloody Stream, Howth (here) next to the Howth DART Station.

Registration for Walkers starts at 9AM, leaving the Booterstown DART Station at 10AM sharp! For Runners registration starts at 11:30AM, leaving the DART Station at 12PM.

NOTE!!!! If you are planning on running the route, please let us know so we can account for you at our later start time!

After Party

Our after party will be held at the Bloody Stream, just next to the Howth DART station with hot food platters from 2:30pm on, and live music and entertainment throughout the afternoon. Friends and family are welcome to join you to celebrate! If you plan to meet friends and family, please let us know at registration as we need to account for all attending the Bloody Stream after the walk.

Route & Refreshments

We have outlined the route here with a refreshments stop halfway in Fairview Park. We will have Marshalls and sign posts along the route to ensure you are going the correct way, so keep straight on the path unless you are directed otherwise! If you feel like stopping for coffee along the way, Kennedy’s Food Store on the Clontarf Road is a great stop as well.

Friends & Family

If your friends and family would like to join you for the last bit of the walk, a great meeting up point is Sutton Cross (here) which is 3km from the finish, the Howth Presbyterian Church (here), 1km from the finish, or the entrance to Howth Castle (here), 500m from the finish.

Do’s & Don’ts

Do: Follow the Marshals and sign posts to stay on the route, and please avoid walking on cycle paths.

  • Let us know if you plan to run the route so we don’t leave you behind!
  • Let us know how many people might be joining you at the finish – at registration.
  • Be ready for all of the elements so wear sunscreen and bring a light rain jacket
  • Make sure to wear your Challenge 21 t-shirt so we can spot you along the way

Don’t: Forget to stay on the path and follow the route

  • Worry about anything else, because we have you covered!


Share the love!

One last thing before the event, if you haven’t already we encourage you to create an page to help make fundraising a whole lot easier. You can find instructions on how to set up your Everyday Hero account below. You are also welcome to use the sponsorship cards sent out to you, as people have also found these helpful in fundraising for events like Challenge 21.

Everyday Hero – creating a Fundraising page

As always, please reach out if you have any other queries about the day. We can’t wait to celebrate at the finish line with you in just a few days!

Late Registrations

If you are in a position to join us and have not registered yet then please complete the Challenge 21 Event Registration Form here

If you have any queries or would just like more information, then please just give Emma a shout on (01) 661 8000 or email Emma will be available throughout to support all participants and provide fundraising advice etc.