Freezing Challenges

Feel the Chill for The Down Syndrome Centre!

For most of us, Ireland is usually quite cold enough but, for those of you looking for the ultimate arctic adventure, we’ve some freezing options below!

Dog Sledding Challenge

Drive your own team of huskies, mushing over 200kms through beautiful snow covered forests and into the glorious mountains in Swedish Lapland. This is a once in a life time opportunity to witness the beauty of the Northern Lights. On this challenge you will learn to take responsibility for the care and welfare of your dogs and you will also muck in to prepare camp and cook your own food. While you are doing this challenge you will learn about the Sami People, the largest indigenous group left in Europe. Find out more info here

North Pole Ski Challenge

Take part in this once in a lifetime trip to the North Pole. You will ski and sledge for around 8 hours per day, in the process encountering many challenges and breathtaking scenery. Only a select few make it each year. This is your chance to add your name to the short list of adventurers who have made the ultimate journey to the top of the world. Read more about it here

South Pole Ski Challenge

One of the planet’s last great untouched wildernesses, the South Pole has long been the crowning jewel of polar exploration. This incredible journey takes you across the last degree of the planet’s surface, skiing the final 111 kilometres (60 nautical miles) under your own power, in conditions that can drop to as low as -40C. Following in the wake of the first pioneering polar explorers, you’ll face challenges that will require patience, determination and untapped resources of physical and mental strength as you take on one of the harshest and most breathtaking landscapes on earth. Find out more here

Iceland Glacier Trek

This is a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone and onto Iceland’s most extreme glacial landscapes. Spend five days ski-trekking across Langjökull glacier ice cap, enjoying incredible scenery along the way. Push through the physical and environmental obstacles before spending your nights camping on the ice under starry northern skies. This is an experience you’ll never forget. Find out more here

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