Water Challenges

Fantastic Water Based Adventures!

Below are some water-based challenges we have found!

Please contact Emma for support if you are interested in taking in taking the plunge for The Down Syndrome Centre on (01) 661 8000 emma@downsyndromecentre.ie

Brazil Trek and Kayak Challenge

Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country, occupying almost half the South American continent. In its 8.5 million square kilometres Brazil possesses fantastic landscapes and cultural diversity. This exciting challenge combines trekking in the Serra da Bocaina National Park and kayaking in the Bay of Paraty around a substantial rainforest area between Rio and São Paulo, very close to the Tropics. More info here

Zambezi River Challenge

Zambezi River means “Great River.” Being the fourth longest river in Africa, flowing 2700kms through six countries on its way from North-Western Zambia to the Indian Ocean, much of it remains mysterious and unexplored. On this unique, varied and exhilarating river challenge, you will paddle your way over 100kms down one of the toughest rivers in Africa – the mighty Zambezi and witness the Awesome Victoria Falls. Find out more here

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