Dine in for the DSC

Thank you for joining us!

Dine in for the Down Syndrome Centre is all about connecting with friends and family for a good cause! Our ask is simple. Spend some quality time (virtually) with friends and family over dinner while donating to our centre. Just follow these four easy steps, and you’re there!

Step 1- Choose a date (and let us know!)

Step 2- Create your menu or choose from our list of curated recipes

Step 3- Invite your friends (check out our how-to section here)

Steph 4- Make your ‘Dine-in’ Donation (click here to donate online)

With the time and money saved only cooking for your household, why not make a donation to our centre in lieu of buying groceries? You can still have the gourmet meal, but at half the cost! Your donation goes to helping ensure our centre can provide services to children with Down syndrome.

For more information or for any queries, please email emma@downsyndromecentre.ie