How to Get Involved

Participation is easy- whether you are in a school or an office setting, students, teachers, and staff can make a donation (suggested €2 minimum) and on March 20th or 21st dress down however you would like! Many people choose to wear odd socks, funky gear, or comfy clothes, but the choice is yours.

To make fundraising easier (and a little more fun!), we have posters and promotional materials to help spread the word. If you choose to celebrate with us, you’ll receive a bespoke event package with all the posters and fun bits you need to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.


If you would like to participate (yay!), please let us know by sending a message to or calling our centre (01) 661-8000. We would love to help with your event in any way we can. Once you have registered with us, we can send out whatever promotional materials you need to make your World Down Syndrome Day event a success.

Donations can be sent directly to our centre via cheque, credit card, or EFT, and 100% of your fundraising goes to our children and their families.

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