Organise Your Own Event

Organise your own fundraising event!



First of all, THANK YOU for your interest in fundraising for us at The Down Syndrome Centre, we receive no government funding, and rely solely on donations and the generosity of the public with their time and effort; your support is invaluable!

Organising your own event is a fantastic experience, one where you can have a lot of fun, meet new people, learn new skills and make a real difference to families supported by the Down Syndrome Centre!  If you have an idea, fantastic! Give us a call on (01) 6618000 and we’ll be able to talk it through with you, and take you through the next steps. If you’d love to plan an event but need help with a few suggestions, have a look at our list of fundraising ideas here to get those creative juices flowing.



Once you have decided upon what sort of event you would like to organise, get in touch with us on the number above or at and we will take your details and forward out the relevant marketing material you require like T-shirts, sponsorship cards or posters to get you started.

For even more helpful information download our Fundraising Pack.



Thank you!