Group Occupational Therapy Services

Group Therapy provides opportunities for socialisation with peers and opportunities for friendships to develop. Goals include making friends, developing confidence & self-esteem, and improving listening skills and conversation skills.

Group Therapy is an excellent opportunity for children to be able to develop their skills in a less pressurised environment than individual therapy.

There are many benefits to attending group therapy, such as the opportunity for your child to;

  • Teach and learn from other children
  • Practise skills in a more natural learning environment
  • Build their confidence in using their communication skills with friends
  • Children will learn co-operation and negation skills
  • Have fun and make some new friends!


The Occupational Therapy Department provide the following groups:

Handwriting Group – for school children of all ages

Floor Time – for children aged 18 months to 4 years

Toddler Sensory Group– for play school aged children

Teens – for children aged 10 to 18 – (groups will vary depending on the individual needs and age of the teenagers)

The Teens group is provided jointly by the SLT and OT Departments


For more information or to register your child for a group please contact our main reception on or (01) 661 8000

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