Narrative (Let’s Talk) Group


6 children

Age Profile:

9 to 12 years old

Course Duration:

Bi-Monthly sessions during school term time

Facilitated by:

Two Speech & Language Therapists


To improve and enhance the language skills and conversations skills required for telling stories or relaying information.

This group is suitable for children who would benefit from support with telling their personal news, retelling fictional stories, and engaging in conversations with peers.


  • Improved auditory memory and recall skills
  • Improved active listening skills
  • Improved sequencing skills (first, next and last)
  • Enhanced question asking skills – using “Wh” questions – “Who?”, “What happened?”, “Where?”
  • Developed story telling skills – using a “beginning”, “middle” and “end” when retelling a story

Cost: €15 per 45 minute session

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