Teens Group



Age Profile:

10 to 18 years old – Groups will vary depending on the individual needs and age of the teenagers

Course Duration:

Bi-Monthly sessions during school term time

Facilitated by:

Speech & Language Therapists & Occupational Therapist


To develop and enhance essential communication skills and everyday life skills in preparation for leaving school. To improve and develop social skills required to actively and appropriately interact with peers, family and wider community.

What to Expect:

This group incorporates social skills into peer group fun activities such as narrative (storytelling), identifying emotions, and initiating conversations with peers in a natural environment.

It also focuses on the development of life skills, money skills and organisation and planning skills in a fun and motivating way.


  • Improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • Improved decision making & problem-solving skills
  • Improved self-awareness & empathy towards others
  • Time management skills
  • Improved auditory memory and recall skills
  • Improved active listening skills
  • Improved organising and sequencing skills
  • Enhanced question asking skills
  • Education around activities of daily living e.g. money, calendar skills, health, hygiene etc.
  • Promote independence skills in social settings
  • Developing sense of self and identity in the community

Cost: €15 per 45 minute session

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