Benefits of Using Lámh


  • Using Lámh encourages eye contact and attention to movement. These are skills that are important for speech development.
  • Using sign assists people to develop vocabulary and language skills. They have a means to try out and practice how language works.
  • Many children and adults with communication needs can understand much more than they can express verbally. Signing can provide a means of taking part in conversation.
  • If their speech is unclear or limited, the Lámh user may be more easily understood when they use signs. When you are understood you are delighted to realise you have been successful and are more likely to keep on trying – to try new words and say more!
  • Using gestures and making signs comes earlier for many children than saying the corresponding word. For many people using Lámh, it is easier to recognise and make gestures with their hands that it is for them to make speech sounds at first.
  • Lámh users may be more easily understood when they use signs with speech. When a person uses sign, the listener can have a better chance of understanding the message. Frustration is reduced when people are provided with a way of communicating.


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