Mini Marathon 2018
Feb 6, 2018 by

Join our Mini Marathon gang!


Mini Marathon 2018: June 3rd at 2pm



Year after year our Mini Marathon gang keeps getting bigger and we think we know why.

The women who join our team know that this is not just another 10km run. It’s an event where their participation will make a real difference. They will have an impact in the lives of the children and families who use our services. (And the fantastic craic they have on the day doesn’t hurt either!).


What’s more, this year every single person who registers to do the Mini Marathon for us will get this limited edition DSC pedometer!



Click on the below buttons for more info about the best day you and your ladies will have this summer!




To give you a better idea of the day here are some photos from our last two years. Click on any to enlarge it.