Covid Guidelines

Updated Covid-19 Guidelines

From 22nd October 2021, many of Ireland’s HSE covid-19 restrictions are being lifted. However, due to the classification of individuals with Down Syndrome as a ‘very high-risk group (extremely vulnerable)’ (, 2021), certain protective policies will remain in place for those attending the Down Syndrome Centre. These are stated in the below policy:

  • All full and Part-time staff members of the Down Syndrome Centre have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
  • If a staff member has been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for Covid-19 within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, they will work off-site for 5 days and until they receive a negative test.
  • If an individual in a staff member’s household tests positive for covid-19, that staff member will work off-site for 10 days and until they receive a negative PCR test.
  • Staff are responsible for taking their temperature at the beginning of each work day.
  • Staff will be required to work from home if they develop any symptoms of Covid-19 or have a temperature of 38֯ c or above.
  • Clinical staff members to wear DSC uniform, to be washed above 60֯ c at the end of each day
  • Clinical staff members will wear appropriate PPE, including a mask and/or visor where appropriate for session
  • Therapy rooms will be routinely deep cleaned and sanitised before each session.
  • All materials used during therapy sessions will be sanitised before/after use.
  • Staff will sanitise hands before and after each session.
  • Therapy rooms will have windows opened or be fitted with air purifiers containing HEPA filters to be turned on during sessions.
  • Parents will be required to fill in a Covid-19 questionnaire at reception prior to their child’s first appointment and before a resumption of sessions after a natural break (e.g. mid-term, Christmas break etc.). The child will not be permitted to attend their appointment if they tick ‘yes’ to any of the item on the questionnaire. Parents will sign a declaration and are obligated to inform the centre of any changes to their responses.
  • Each person entering the Down Syndrome Centre will undergo a temperature check at arrival and will not be permitted to attend their session if they have a temperature of 38֯ c or above. At the Northside Centre, the temperature check is just after walking in the door and should be completed before going up the stairs
  • Upon entering the centre, individuals are required to sanitise their hands.
  • As the centre falls under the category of ‘healthcare setting’, those entering the centre are required to wear a mask for the duration of their visit, unless that individual qualifies for a mask exemption.
  • Given the ongoing pandemic, all parents/guardians attending a group session will be requested to provide evidence of a Covid-19 certificate, if it is the case that this cannot be provided, the parent/child will be offered an alternative, 1:1 therapy session. This policy is in place to protect the very high-risk children attending the group session.
  • From 22nd October 2021, parents are permitted to attend therapy sessions with their children.

Despite all the measures that have been undertaken we want to ensure you that nothing has changed in relation to the ethos or friendly environment we maintained prior to Covid-19, and despite the appearance of screens and wearing of PPE our staff look forward to seeing you in the Centre.

We would ask you to read the following guidelines prior to making an appointment and note that 3 members of our staff have undergone Covid Response training to provide you with peace of mind and to ensure compliance to HSE policies and procedures relating to Covid-19 remain in the workplace.

Please remember if you are not comfortable attending the Centre in person, our Teletherapy sessions are an alternative option which we are continuing for the foreseeable future and either format can be booked through the Centre.

Thank you all for your patience, in the meantime if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01 6618000.