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Dietary and Nutrition Needs

“As children grow older food and activity become more and more important.  The ability to exercise and be active will be affected if there is reduced muscle tone and strength, loose joints or low stamina. But there are lots of simple practical measures that can be taken.

Children do not need any special diet just because they have Down syndrome and they are no more prone to developing something like food allergy than their peers. I hope I will be able to help you understand the roles that food choice, portion size and activity have in keeping the whole family on the right track.  I look forward to working with the Down Syndrome Centre in helping you to help your child.”

Ruth Charles

Contact Ruth

Dietician, Ruth Charles is happy to answer any questions you might have about your child’s dietary or nutrition needs, particularly in the areas of Food Myths, Portions Sizes, Nutrients and their Roles, the Importance of Healthy Eating.

To contact Ruth with a query please send your details to and we will forward them to her. She will then contact directly you to discuss your query.

About Ruth

Ruth Charles, dietitian and founder of Nutri Kids will deliver a seminar on nutrition, diet and your child. Ruth was the Senior Paediatric Dietitian (1998-2008) in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Dublin; dedicated to the nutritional assessment and dietetic management of infants and children where she worked with many families and children with Down syndrome.

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