Speech & Language – Lorraine

Speech and Language Therapy

A Speech and Language Therapist works with children who have articulation delays and disorders. The therapist will evaluate each client to determine strengths and weakness, address family concerns and develop an individualised treatment plan appropriate to areas and level of difficulty. Communication difficulties may lead to frustration and challenging behaviours if not treated. It may also affect a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Contact Lorraine

Lorraine Finn is a Senior Speech & Language Therapist at The Down Syndrome Centre.  To contact Lorraine with any queries contact our main reception you may have on (01) 661 8000 or email info@downsyndromecentre.ie and Lorraine will respond to you directly.

About Lorraine

Lorraine Finn has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Speech and Language Therapy.  Lorraine has over 12 years experience of working with children aged 0-18 years with Intellectual Disability, Down syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, feeding difficulties and communication difficulties including speech sound disorders and language impairments.

As part as her role as a Senior Speech and Language Therapist within The Down Syndrome Centre, Lorraine works in partnership with families, carers, school staff and others to provide support, information, education and training.

Lorraine remains committed to improving and developing her skills as a Speech and Language Therapist and has additional professional training including Lamh, Hanen, PECS and Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC).

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