Speech & Language Therapy

What is Speech & Language Therapy?

Children with Down syndrome can experience speech delay, due to hearing problems, low muscle tone and learning ability. Language is vital for a child’s cognitive (mental) and social development. As children acquire language, they can ask for what they want, explain how they feel, describe what they have been doing and share thoughts and worries with friends.

A Speech and Language Therapist works with children who have articulation delays and disorders. The therapist will evaluate each client to determine strengths and weakness, address family concerns and develop an individualised treatment plan appropriate to areas and level of difficulty.

Language Development Pyramid

Our therapists use a Total Communication approach, using visuals, Lámh signs and words. Speech and Language Therapy will support your child’s development in all areas of the Language Development Pyramid:

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To download our Speech & Language Therapy Leaflet please click here – DSC Speech & Language Therapy Leaflet

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