Triona’s Tots

What is Triona’s Tots?

Triona’s Tots (formerly Team 21 Tots) is a weekly early intervention class for babies and toddlers with Down syndrome. It has been running every week on the north side of Dublin since February 2013 and became one of our main early intervention classes in The Down Syndrome Centre in 2014.

Team 21 Tots was formed by three mothers of children with Down syndrome. Triona Cussen, Jan Glover and Collette Maguire. They recognised the value and importance of regular and routine classes to encourage our children to make friends while learning communication skills in a fun and nurturing environment.

Triona Cussen leads the classes. She is a qualified Montessori teacher and has attended the Lámh and Hanen courses. Triona is mum to four boys and her youngest son, Joshua, has Down syndrome.

The goal of Triona’s Tots is simple – “we want to do everything we can to help our tots reach their full potential while making lasting friendships in the process.”

For more information about Triona’s Tots or for application information please click on the links above.

In November 2018 Triona Cussen changed the name of Team 21 Tots to Triona’s Tots for her classes at The Down Syndrome Centre. For more information please see  Triona’s Change of Name notice below.

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