One to One Psychotherapy Sessions

Jackie offers one to one psychotherapy sessions to parents or family members of individuals with Down syndrome.

Psychotherapy offers individuals the opportunity to discuss a wide variety of personal issues, including (but not exclusively) matters relating to having a child with Down syndrome.

Psychotherapy is suitable for anyone who wants help and is of particular relevance at a time of personal crisis or transition. Psychotherapy is valuable as an aid to personal growth, it can help to develop assertiveness and self-confidence, and improve the sense of well-being. It is of particular relevance to those willing to engage in the process of talking openly about matters that are troubling to them.

If you would like to explore the possibility of one-to-one psychotherapy, then you may be interested in having an advisory session with Jackie who will provide more information at that time. After the initial advisory meeting and if both parties agree to proceed, Jackie will discuss options with you thereafter. 6-8 sessions are usually recommended but this will be discussed on an individual basis.


Sessions take place on a weekly basis. Available Monday to Friday by appointment only.


The cost is €25 and sessions last 1 hour.


Sessions will take place at a private room at The Down Syndrome Centre.

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