Peer to Peer Video Modelling
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When we attended the World Down Syndrome Congress in Glasgow earlier this year, we came across fantastic style of learning for children with Down syndrome and we are very excited about it – Peer to Peer Learning through Video Modelling. Children with Down syndrome are strong visual learners and find it easier to learn at a slower pace. This method fits perfectly with this skill set – it is empowering, encouraging and pitched at the right pace.


How it works

The idea is simple and very effective – a child with Down syndrome who has mastered a skill, demonstrates that skill on video to help teach other children with Down syndrome – they may or may not need the support of a parent to help them talk through the skill – whatever works and feels most natural for the child.





Suggested Skills 

We are looking for volunteers to video the following skills (to start off with) and we would welcome suggestions for other practical skills:

– Brushing Hair
– Brushing Teeth
– Tying Shoe Laces
– Putting on and Fastening a Coat
– Opening and Closing a School Bag – Taking Books / Lunch Box Out and In


Making the Video

If a child has mastered any of these skills and would be happy to make a video the parent could make the video on a phone at home. We have included some tips on Video Recording below:

Peer to Peer Video Recording Instructions




Website & Promotion

We will upload the videos on a new Peer to Peer Learning section on our website and promote them on social media and hopefully  traditional media. The idea of children with Down syndrome teaching other children with Down syndrome fills us with pure joy and its a great way for children to show off their skills that they have worked so hard to achieve.


Parental Consent

For a child to take part in this initiative we would ask parents to download and complete this Parent Consent Form below:

DSC Video & Photo Consent Form



If your child has mastered any of these skills and would be happy to make a video please get in touch with Lorraine Murphy at The Down Syndrome Centre with the following details:

  • Your child’s name
  • Your child’s age
  • A short paragraph about your child (this will be a lovely added extra when putting the video up on social media)
  • The skill they would like to demonstrate

Please send to: or phone 01 661 8000