Christmas Toy Suggestions for Children with Down Syndrome


Always being asked what kind of present your child would like for Christmas (or birthdays for that matter!)? Looking for a list of toy ideas to give to Grandparents, Uncles, Aunty’s and friends? Well look no more! Our therapists here at The Down Syndrome Centre have put together a fantastic list of toy suggestions. Happy shopping!

Top Occupational Therapy Toys


Pop-up Pirate: Great for Fine motor/ sequencing/ Turn taking/sibling and peer interactions and colour matching skills. Pop-up Pirate




Jigsaws: Encourages pincer grasp, planning of pieces, turn taking, parallel play and scanning pieces. Jigsaws




Peg Boards: Ideal for developing fine motor skills, counting, sorting, matching and creating patterns. Peg Boards



Super Sorting Pie: Teaches early number skills and attributes, develops fine motor skills, using a tweezers encourage the pincer grasp and functional finger movements, practices hand-eye coordination and counting. Super Sorting Pie



Mrs. Potato Head: Develops: pincer grasp, identifying face parts, tactile perception, hand strength, and turn taking. Mrs. Potato Head




Viga Fishing Game: Encourages, creativity, fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination skills. Viga Fishing Game


Sensory Balls: Develop fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, size discrimination, colour awareness, tactile awareness, visual perception, concentration, visual tracking, and crossing the midline.  Sensory Balls



Free Standing Chalk Board: Interaction with vertical surfaces encourages wrists to bend upwards into extension, which is a pre-requisite for skilled handwriting (and typing). It also strengthens their shoulder girdle area, where most of fine motor power will come from. Chalk Board



Scooter Board: These encourage the strengthening of hands, arms and shoulders to support them and pull themselves along. Scooter Board




Pretend Play: This develops parallel play, interacting with others and sharing with others. Imaginary play with pretend food enhances fine motor, bi-lateral and co-ordination skills, by holding the food with one hand whilst cutting with other. Pretend Play

Speech & Language Therapy Christmas Toy Ideas

Eye Contact:




On the Road Finger Puppet Glove

Cause and Effect Toys:


Click Clack Track






Tap and Tilt Roller Rack






Light and Sound Drum







Building Blocks/Stacking Cups






Skittles & Ball






Noisy Tractor



Pretend Play Toys




Picnic Basket




Pretend Food











Toothbrushing Sink






Kitchen Sink












Toy Bath





Doll’s Buggy






Dolls Bed






Doll’s Highchair






Children’s Trolley






Children’s Shopping Basket






Shopping Till






Doctors Set 





Farm House



Boardgames (Rewards & Turn Taking)




Post Box Game 





Colour Match Game





Shopping List Game 





What Do I Do Puzzle 





Wiggly Worms






Hanging Monkeys






First 100 Words







First 100 Shapes and Colours



Repetitive Line Books:





Dear Zoo












That’s not my puppy/bear/pony, bunny, kitten etc



Enjoy the shopping!!!


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