Registering for the Mini Marathon



First of all WELCOME to the best Mini Marathon team in town! We’re thrilled to have you on board.

Registering for the Mini Marathon is a two step process and both steps are very easy:


1. Register with the Mini Marathon organisers.


You have to register with the Mini Marathon organisers to be allowed to take part in the event. Once you register with them you’ll be asked to collect your pack in the days leading up to the event. The packs are given out at a fun event in the RDS and you’ll get all kinds of freebies and goodies there!

You’ll also get your race number as part of your pack – you’ll need this to take part on the day AND to find out your (very impressive, let’s assume) race time after the day.

To register with the organisers visit and click on ‘Register’ then fill in your details.


2. Register with us!

This one’s a little more straightforward. Simply fill in the form below

[ninja_form id=13]



If you have any queries at all please contact Madeline at  or give her a call on (01) 661 8000.


Madeline will get you added to our team,  have a chat with you about the event and thank you for being a star for our little stars!


And then you just need to start fundraising!


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