Sibshop- February 21st
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Register for our upcoming Sibshop today!

Our next Sibshop will take place during the February 2020 Mid-Term Break – Friday, February 21st from 10.00am-2.00pm.

To register your interest please contact or contact us on (01) 661 8000

About our Sibshops

Sibshops reflect The Down Syndrome Centre’s commitment to the well-being of the family member most likely to have the longest lasting relationship with the child with Down syndrome.

Sibshops seek to provide opportunities for brothers and sisters of children with Down syndrome to obtain peer support and education within a relaxed, recreational setting that emphasizes a kids’-eye view.

Goals of a Sibshop include:

  • Sibshops provide brothers and sisters an opportunity to meet other siblings in a relaxed, recreational setting.
  • Sibshops provide brothers and sisters with an opportunity to learn how others handle situations commonly experienced by siblings of children with Down syndrome.
  • Sibshops provide siblings with an opportunity to learn more about Down syndrome and the implications for their brothers and sisters.
  • Sibshops provide parents and other professionals with opportunities to learn more about the concerns and opportunities frequently experienced by brothers and sisters.

Age Profile

Sibshops are suitable for children aged from 8 to 12 years old – groups will vary depending on the age of the children and teenagers

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