Booking Information

One to one and Group SLT sessions are available in our centre for children and teenagers with Down syndrome.

Age group:                        0 yrs – 18 yrs

Length of session:           45 minutes

When:                                 Mondays – Fridays

Cost:                                   €25 per session (individual sessions) / €15 per session (group sessions)

Booking Process

  • A parent pack will then be forwarded to you to complete
  • On return of the pack a member of our therapy team will advise a date and time for initial assessment
  • Sessions will be offered on a weekly basis with a maximum of an eight week period based on the therapist’s assessment.
  • Group therapy may be offered to a maximum of three children per group where the therapist feels the children would benefit more from social skills and friendship development.

Any child presenting with a diagnosis of Down syndrome from birth to 18 years may access services.

Please note that the frequency of Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy is offered at the discretion of the individual therapist on assessment of the child’s needs any child. Following an initial assessment, your therapist will advise you on the recommended intervention required.

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