The Future’s Rosie
Oct 9, 2016 by

Tom says:

Maybe the experiences shared on here will help others too, hopefully help illustrate the bright futures our children with DS will have if we can break down common misconceptions. When I first found out Rosie would be born with DS I found reading literature with open and honest feelings on the subject, extremely helpful.

This is not intended to be a written masterpiece and I can promise you it won’t be. I don’t pretend to have a large vocabulary and to be honest the further behind me my school days become the more my grammar has deteriorated!… however, you will find what is written on these pages comes from the heart.

Dear Rosie,

I’ve never been one for writing, in fact rarely do I even make time to read, but then you came along and brought out a side in me I never knew existed. Without your inspiration I would never have known this joy of being able to share my love and affection for something so pure, so innocent and so beautiful – that ‘something’ my dear is you. See I started writing my blog because the feelings I had when I first learned of your extra special chromosome were so very new to me, I felt a little bit frightened at times to be honest because I didn’t really know anything about Down’s syndrome and the special powers its given you. There were also feelings of overwhelming protection (those ones will never ever go away) and all this before I had even laid eyes on you. Then you came into my life and changed it forever and for the better too. I wanted to let others know how your extra little chromosome is nothing to be afraid of, how very precious you are, how you have this amazing ability to make everyone smile, how you have fulfilled (over and above) my dream of adding a daughter to our wonderful family.

I consider myself a very lucky Daddy – so proud I am that I sit here writing my feelings down without being afraid to tell everyone, you may learn when you’re older that it’s not always the easiest thing for a man to do, but with you by my side I don’t really worry about that anymore. You have taught me so much about myself, brought out a confidence in me that has been hiding away for years. 

I won’t ever be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me, all that you have taught and continue to teach me, BUT I can promise to do everything within my ability to raise, protect and help you realise any dreams you may have for the future. You see Rosie, contrary to what some people may think or even sometimes say, you can (and most likely will) achieve anything you want to.

All my love.

Daddy. xxx

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