To all of our friends and supporters, thank you!
Jan 11, 2021 by

Wow, what a year 2020 was! A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us this year.

We couldn’t have done it without you, and we mean it! Your support over this past year – the strangest of all years – has helped us keep our doors open to continue serving the incredible children and families we see in our centre.

Because of you, we are able to provide essential services year round while expanding our reach to help more children that need a little something extra to reach their full potential.

We have grown in many ways in 2020 despite the challenges we faced, and look forward to new programmes, events, and welcoming as many new children and families as we can through our doors next year. Thanks to you, all this is possible.

As we reflect on what this year has meant to us, and look forward the future in 2021, we hope you will consider us in next year’s plans. Whether you are looking to donate your time, skills, or provide monetary support to our centre, we are grateful.