How Triona’s Tots works

Triona describes a typical session in the following way: “The session begins at 10 am with Free Play. This is the time to settle your baby into the session. There will be toys to play with.  At 10.15 am we will bring all the babies and parents into Circle Time. We will sing nursery songs using Lámh. We will introduce new signs each week. Our schedule will change every ten weeks with different songs and themes. We will be learning animal signs, colours, body parts etc. This part of the class will run for approx 45 mins.

“After that we will provide refreshments for parents. This is a great time to meet other parents on the same journey. We have found it an invaluable support system.  We can all learn so much from each other. The morning will officially wrap up at 11.30 am however please feel free to enjoy the use of the day room in the centre if you need to feed your baby or take more time to chat.”

You can download our Triona’s Tots Leaflet here:  DSC Triona’s Tots Leaflet

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