Testimonials from Parents

“Team 21 Tots (now Triona’s Tots)  as been an amazing group for both my son and for myself. The three mothers (Triona, Jan & Colette) who formed the group put in their all and have created something wonderful. The group fosters a fun nurturing environment and through the use of music and lamh has hugely aided my sons communication skills. I have also found it a great place to meet fellow parents and get advise and support. Above all Triona’s Tots is a place where my son can make life long friendships and to see his face light up with excitement when he arrives at the group is priceless! 

“Eoghan gets so much out of playgroup as all the learning is done through songs and fun.”

Gillian, Eoghan’s Mum

“We love Team 21 Tots (now Triona’s Tots) !  Whether you have a bump, a baby or a toddler, you will be guaranteed to be welcomed with a smile to this super fun and happy group.  It’s a great place to make new friends – Mums, Dads and tots alike.  I couldn’t imagine not being a part of this happy group!

“Team 21 Tots is the highlight of Max & Millie’s week, I cannot recommend it enough! Triona is amazing with all her Tots and herself and the group leaders provide a fun, interactive and educational playgroup each week! Max has come on so much and grown in confidence since we started going to the playgroup:-) Great network for the parents and carers also!

“Team 21 tots has not only been fun for my daughter Lara and I it’s also been essential.It offers us both so much including Social skills, Lamh and is also a much needed support group for myself and Lara . It’s a relaxed, fun and educational environment. The real incentive for myself to attend this group over other parent and toddler groups is the knowledge that it is ran by mothers of children with Down syndrome and one of these moms is a qualified montessori teacher. This I feel has offered us a unique blend of first hand genuine understanding and a structured educational setting, this combination is invaluable to Lara and I.”

Jackie, Lara’s Mum

“Team 21 Tots (now Triona’s Tots) is an amazing facility, lead by amazing person Triona Cussen. The kids absolutely love it meeting all their friends, singing and playing. I find it hugely beneficial for support, information and friendly faces. I feel very lucky to be part of  this group!”

Jenny, Anna’s Mum

“I can’t recommend this group highly enough. It has been a huge support to me for over a year now and I have made many good friends here. Triona is the most wonderful teacher; she gets to know each child individually and shows them so much love and attention each and every session. I have watched Liam grow and learn with Triona these past thirteen months and have learned many things from her that I practice at home with Liam. I feel very lucky to have found this group!”

Meadhbh, Liam’s Mum

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